What is Able to Teach?

Able to Teach is a website committed to the building up and empowerment of any family desiring to pursue or explore the possibility of homeschooling. Here, you will find the very real attempts of a very real person trying to navigate her very real world of being a woman who’s also married to a pastor, who’s a momma to four amazingly crazy kids, and who’s doing her best to Biblically walk as a Christian while also fulfilling her passion as a writer. At times my attempts go off without a hitch, other times I fail miserably and then there are times I land somewhere in the middle. My hope is that in putting my life to print (so to speak), I will inspire others to keep trying too. I am only an expert at living my life and I encourage you to do the same. I am passionate about homeschooling and I truly believe God has uniquely etched a firm desire in my heart to educate my children.

In a nutshell, Able to Teach is my attempt to offer back what has been entrusted to me. If you’re here to learn, grow and enjoy this thing called life, Able to Teach is for you!

Thank you for taking a turn with me on this journey.



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