Studying the Ancients: A 6-Week Study Guide – Part 1

**This blog post contains Amazon affiliate links.   I’d say that history is one of our “spine” subjects.  Each year time, we drink in a ton of information and cover lots of ground over many, many centuries.    You’ve probably heard it said more times than you can count that dinosaurs roamed the earth millionsContinue reading “Studying the Ancients: A 6-Week Study Guide – Part 1”

We’re 6 weeks in!

Yesterday, we closed out our 5th week of homeschool just like that! I can hardly believe it. Its been a memorable whirlwind *almost month and a half of school. Our days are pretty standard this year with grades, 6th, 4th, and 2nd and a crazy two-year-old! We’ve had so much fun studying the Ancients forContinue reading “We’re 6 weeks in!”

Here’s Why Black Homeschoolers Need Each Other

The remnants of slavery’s evils have left an unseemly stench in all our noses. The history of Blacks being shuttered from certain “hued” neighborhoods, restaurants, higher education institutions, and yes, sadly, even churches, is disturbing. You don’t have to dig too deeply to figure out that this has led to the resourcefulness of Blacks makingContinue reading “Here’s Why Black Homeschoolers Need Each Other”

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